Book of kings

The Book of Kings is a collection of two books in the Old Testament of the Hebrew Bible, as well as two books in the Christian Old Testament. These books comprise the Deuteronomistic history of the Israelites and conclude the Deuteronomistic cycle, which also includes Joshua and Judges. These two books are often considered to be the best known of the five major book groups of the Bible. They provide an overview of the early history of the people of Israel and the world.

The Book of Kings primarily consists of a collection of histories from the life of the ancient Hebrews. This compilation is also a compilation of the lives of the early Israelites. While the earliest version of this text dates to 621 B.C.E., it is probable that the text was revised after the Septuagint was complete. It is possible that the original compiler was influenced by the glory of Josiah’s reforms.

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